Updated 6/7/2001 Specs and parts for Allis-Chalmers 716H   

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Here's my "new" Allis-Chalmers 716H garden tractor (aka Simplicity 7016), ID# 1690211 005353, built in 1978. It has a hydrostatic transmission, electric implement lift, 48" mower deck, and a 36" rear tiller. The engine is a single cylinder 16HP Kohler model K341S, spec#71240A, s/n 9538767, carburetor model 4505320.
3/4 view of the tractor. The mower deck is ID# 1690272 9590.
Photo of me on the tractor for size comparison. Notice how deep the mower deck is. I hit some deep grass and it handled it without a complaint. It doesn't have the discharge guard, and I'm a bit worried about throwing rocks with it. Will have to make up a guard soon.
This photo show's the 36" rear tiller. It's belt driven off of the same clutch as the mower deck. The electric lift raises the tiller via a cable. The tractor has enough weight and power that the tiller doesn't push it around at all when tilling.
Another view of the tiller. The hydro level is clearly seen next to the steering wheel. It has a "Z" gate to keep you from shooting straight into reverse when your moving forward. Changing from the tiller back to the mower deck takes under 10 minutes with one person.
Rear shot of the tiller. It's just a bit wider than the wheel base of the tractor, and takes care of any tire tracks. The tiller is ID# 1690039 007872 and uses belt #105340.
Here's my first attempt at tilling the garden. I had already done the garden with a small front tine tiller. The tractor works better than I had hoped. Can't wait to use it again next spring to prep the garden. Wish I had the tractor 3 weeks ago before I tilled by hand!
This photo shows how the hood and rear seat/fender hinge up for maintenance. It makes getting to the belts and such very easy.
A photo of the hydro transmission and PTO clutch pack. The hydro runs off a belt from the engine, and inturn drives another belt that spins the differential. There is a release pedal to move the tractor when it's turned off. The hydrostatic tranny functions as a brake when the engine is off.
Update 6/4/2001: Although the tiller worked very well, it and the tractor vibrated an awful lot while tilling. When I had a look, I noticed how far out of alignmen the belt drive was. This picture was taken head on. The pulleys really are that far out of alignment.
Another thing I figured out was that I hadn't been putting the lock pin, shown here, in the correct hole. The white pulley assembly had been abused at one point and wouldn't push onto it's support shaft correctly. A bit of quick work with a Dremel and it slid right back on, and the bracket lined up with the correct hole. This threw the pulleys out of alignment, which I'll remedy soon.
Update 6/7/2001: After some coaxing, the drive pulley came off. I used emery cloth to clean up the shaft, used a file to take out the nicks, and with some anti-seize, the pulley went back on with a small brass hammer. It lines up nicely now. The tiller does run a fair bit smoother too. In this shot, you can see that guards are missing, and the spring tensioner for the belt is all wrong. Someone removed some parts in the tractors past.
Update 1/2/2010: I located a used Deutz-Allis snowblower, model 1691157, at Sandy Lake Implements in Pennsylvania and had it shipped here to Oregon. With the help of folk at the Simpletractors forum, I was able to piece together the info I needed to mount it to my 716H. I added a pair of generic tractor lights as well.
The "correct" blower setup for my AC has the drive running off of the front of the engine. I didn't have the clutch parts for that and preferred to drive it off the PTO clutch used to drive the mower deck, which uses a much longer belt and different idler brackets. I built the stationary rear idler bracket, and the correct front swing idler bracket came with the blower.
The lift rod that came with the blower was far too long, being designed for one of the 900-series tractors which have a longer frame. I was able to make a new one out of bar stock. I also had to make a new front lift arm to make things line up.
A neighbor loaned me a set of 50 pound wheel weights which bolted up nicely. I added a set of v-bar chains as well because even with the weights, the tractor spun out easily on packed snow or ice.

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