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This is a Craftsman Atlas 12" lathe that I sold. The bed is 4ft long, and will spin an 8" part over the carriage. Everything runs well on it. There's no rust, and ways are in good shape. Wired for 110VAC, bi-directional motor with control. It has three chucks; one self-centering inside chuck, one outside, and one independent four-jaw chuck. The stepped pulley in the headstock was replaced with a solid aluminum version (not pot metal) direct from Sears. The lathe has the QC box for threading (no messing with juggling gears.) In addition, it has a steady rest with little wear on the pads, and a backgear.

Tooling included is:

2 parting tools
3 HSS bit holders (left, center, right)
Jacobs drill chuck for tailstock
Knurling tool
Threading tool
Boring bar holder with two bars
1 live and 1 dead center for tail stock

Over all, the unit is in very good shape for it's age and would be perfect for a home shop. There is a fair bit of wear on the lead screw, so it's not really appropriate for super precise threading over an appreciable length. The ways and such are in top shape.

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