Updated 6/11/2004

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After looking at various online implement sites and not liking what I saw for small garden tractor box scrapers, I thought I'd build one myself. The pricetag at the end of the project, not including my labor, was $118 in new steel. I purchased the steel and had it bent at a local steel fabrication shop.
Here the upper 3-point frame is being welded in. The piece of bar stock that's clamped is just to judge spacing.
The blade bracing bars were added to keep the blade from bending if it catches something in the middle of the cutting edge.
Top view before the lower 3-point mounts were installed.
Adding the lower 3-point mounts/pivots here.
Another view.
The upper lift arm was made out of round bar with a piece of square tube fitted over the end at the pivot point.
Profile view.
Another profile view.
The scraper ended up being lighter than I planned on which is a good thing. The electric lift doesn't have a problem lifting it at all and makes depth control easy. The only addition I'm thinking about are some sort of depth guage shoes so it can just skim along without cutting in much.
Trying it out. The gravel is rolling into the blade nicely.
Not much gravel in the driveway, unfortunately. Need to get a few dumptruck loads in.

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