Updated 6/25/2000  

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Here's my "new" 1971 Ford F100 truck. It's incredibly clean for such an old rig. I picked up this jewel for only $1200.
The interior is in very good shape. The dashboard hasn't been cut up for gauges or a stereo. It has a "three-on-the-tree" gear shift shifting a three speed tranny. Kind of strange, but you get used to it. Supposedly the engine had only 5k miles on a fresh rebuild, but after looking in the valve cover, either someone used an incredibly cheap oil, or I was lied to. Still, it runs very well.
The engine is a I6 243cu/in engine that has great lowend torque. It'll pull from almost idle in second gear without a hitch. Since I took this picture, I've replaced the belt, water hoses, thermostat, driverside motor mount (was torn in half) battery cables, air filter, oil and oil filter, radiator cap, valve cover gasket, and pressure washed the engine. When I had the valve cover off, it was a mess inside!
The only body damage is a small dent in the passenger door, a few small dings in the grill, and some scratches on the chrome bumper. The body could use a paint job. I like the aqua color though.
When I looked in the bed, I couldn't find a single dent. I was suprised! The shocks need to be replaced, and I'm thinking of putting Firestone air bags in the rear to stiffen it a bit when I haul heavier loads (can deflate when unloaded for a smooth ride.)
It even came with a 1991 Pendleton Round-Up bumper sticker. Bonus!
I'm making a real effort to keep the truck OEM if possible, because it's in good shape. The only thing I would like to change is to fit the optional 3spd+OD tranny that was available in the 1971 model year on the F100. It winds out a bit at highway speeds.

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