Updated 1/9/2002  

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My latest purchase. She's a 1971 Ford F250 Sport Custom with the Camper Special package. I bought the truck from a friend, and I had overhauled the engine for him about six years ago, but it's had little mileage put on it since then.
Front view. The grill and bumper are in pretty straight shape.
3/4 view.
You can see the diamond plate rear bumper that is basically welded to the frame. I would like to get an original chrome dress bumper (to match the front bumper) and install a receiver type hitch for towing.
The truck originally came with factory A/C, but all A/C equipment from the firewall forward has been cut out. This picture shows the cab with the heater-A/C unit removed. I'm going to replace it with a regular heater box to save leg room on the passenger side.
Here's a shot under the hood. The engine runs well. After driving four cylinder cars, I forgot how much fun V8's are to drive!

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