Updated 3/9/2000 Click the images below for a larger picture
This is a 1977 GMC General tandem axle truck. It sports a six cylinder Cummins turbo diesel engine, good for about 300 horsepower and 5mpg.
The grain box on the back holds approximately 500 bushels of wheat. The fuel tanks contain about 100 gallons combined..
Here's my farmer friend loading grain from the bins to take to a flour mill.
Paul's just shutting down the Massey Ferguson tractor that powers the short auger connected to the grain bin.
The pup trailer holds another 500 bushels of wheat.
You can see the longer grain auger in this picture. It's used to move grain from the dumping pit into the bins during harvest. There is a grate that the truck drives over, and dumps the grain. A horizontal auger moves the grain into the pit, where the main auger moves it up and into the bin.
Here's a drivers view out the front window. You don't realize how big the hood is till you're in traffic and a whole car disappears in front of you, blocked by the huge hood.
A shot of the cab. This truck has seen a lot of use, and is a real workhorse. It has a 13 speed Fuller Roadranger transmission that is nice to shift. The accelerator pedal is very sensitive. I found myself bumping the indicated redline until I got a feel for the pedal.
Here's a green General I found on the internet. The GMC I drove has a shorter exhaust stack to clear the unloading auger on the combines.

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