Updated 8/5/2000

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Here's the farm dog, Brew.
We use an old Massey-Ferguson tractor to power the main auger that dumps grain into the grain bins.
Here's Clint taking a stroll in the '81 Gleaner N6.
This is the '81 N6 minus the header on the way to the Walla Walla field that's about 165 acres in size.
Here's another view of the Massey and the unloading pit.
A front view of the '81 N6.
A rear view of the '81 N6.
Jared is driving the '80 N6 to Walla Walla. It has a 20 foot header, as opposed to the 24 foot header on the '81 N6 so we leave it on as it can negotiate the roads okay.
The '81 N6 making time on the road.
A picture of the '80 N6 just as we finished a wheat field.
Yet another picture of the '81 N6 on the road.
A view of the Blue Mountains around sunset.
Here Clint is unloading wheat into the pup trailer behind the General.
This is how headers are moved around, on a header cart. Quite a load for Paul's Dodge.

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