These are photo's of my new small crawler. I bought it with the blade for $950 and was told that it only needs a single clutch piece to be running. That's not quite the case, but it'll be a fun project to refurbish. Here are a couple of origional Windolph ad's (1, 2.) I'm also trying to figure out what exact model of Briggs & Stratton engine I have. The ID tag is missing.

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Here are some photo's of other mini crawlers. I took photo's of the white Windolph in Umatilla, OR.

Some photo's provided by Joel & Sandy Miesbach of their Windolph.

Some photo's I took of a custom built crawler from the '40's. Some metal fabricators built this machine. Note the wire wheel front sprockets, and the chain is made out of flat iron and bolts. It wasn't for sale.

Here is a Chain Tread Tractor, made in Portland Oregon back in the '40's. It's basically an engine with a pair of tracks and provides mainly pulling power. This particular unit has a rare rear PTO and can power a tiller or mower attachment as well.

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